10 coolest My Hero Academia characters

A series as popular as My Hero Academia has no shortage of cool characters. After all, it’s an anime show with dozens upon dozens of them. Naturally, some of them are going to end up leaving an impression on the viewers one way or another. And in a list like this one, it’s all about oozing coolness.

The characters don’t necessarily have to be the toughest fighters or play the most important roles, but there is typically some overlap between how memorable they are and how awesome they are.

Note: There will be some minor spoilers.

Ranking the 10 coolest My Hero Academia characters

10) Mr. Compress

The entertaining Mr. Compress (Image via Bones)
The entertaining Mr. Compress (Image via Bones)

A charismatic thief is always bound to be cool, even if they’re one of the more minor villains in Shigaraki’s group. Mr. Compress is the great-great-grandson of a legendary thief who was on par with All For One and Destro when it came to pure infamy, which is part of the reason why he’s a villain in the first place.

Mr. Compress’s Quirk is also awesome to see since something as simple as turning somebody or a part of somebody into marble is surprisingly effective. He might be a villain, but it’s hard to hate this flashy showman.

9) Hitoshi Shinso

He might look evil, but he's surprisingly nice (Image via Bones)
He might look evil, but he’s surprisingly nice (Image via Bones)

Hitoshi Shinso has a Quirk that would be extremely easy to use for evil purposes, yet he solely uses them to be a hero, which is admirable. He is one of the few non-1-A or 1-B students to get prominent screentime in My Hero Academia, and he’s made quite an impression on the fanbase with each of his appearances.

He had a memorable fight against Deku at the Sports Festival and later trained with the popular Aizawa to hone his skills. Hitoshi would later show up in the Joint Training Arc and defeat Class 1-B in one bout before losing to Deku in another.

Thankfully, he proved himself once again when he became instrumental in the Final War Arc, thanks to his highly versatile Quirk enabling him to lure All For One out for the final series of battles.

8) Izuku Midoriya


The main protagonist will inevitably get plenty of cool moments in My Hero Academia. However, there are several aspects of his character that don’t make him as interesting as many of the upcoming characters when it comes to the “coolness factor.” After all, he cried a ton in the beginning and is a bit of a goodie-two-shoes.

That said, he possesses several Quirks and is blatantly overpowering compared to the rest of the cast. One would be hard-pressed not to find that pretty remarkable, especially since he gets far more screentime than the average character in this series.

7) Kyoka Jiro

Some people find the punk aesthetic to be quite cool (Image via Bones)
Some people find the punk aesthetic to be quite cool (Image via Bones)

As far as female characters in My Hero Academia go, Jiro is arguably the coolest one out there. Her general aesthetic is pretty neat, and she actually gets some genuinely amazing moments in the series. The Hero Too song is one well-known example of this, but a more recent example from the manga would be her bout against All For One.

She obviously didn’t win, and losing an ear jack was brutal, but she still survived. That’s way more impressive compared to what many other characters did in the recent arc.

6) Fumikage Tokoyami

Definitely a cool Quirk (Image via Bones)
Definitely a cool Quirk (Image via Bones)

His crow head is rather strange since it has nothing to do with his Quirk, but Fumikage is still one of the cooler My Hero Academia

characters. He exhibits the usual, edgy behavior that anime fans tend to love, such as a fascination with darkness and being rather quiet.

Past that, he usually has good fights against various foes and also battled alongside Jiro against All For One in the Final War Arc, where he managed to destroy the main antagonist’s mask.

5) Hawks

His real name is Keigo Takami (Image via Bones)
His real name is Keigo Takami (Image via Bones)

Hawks has historically been quite popular within the My Hero Academia fandom, and it’s easy to see why. If one had to think of a cool character, Hawks would be among the first names to pop into their head. He’s carefree, smart, and acts like a wildcard at times.

He played villains such as Re-Destro like a fiddle by being a double agent on the side of the Pro Heroes, which is rather unique as far as character roles go in My Hero Academia. Fittingly enough, the next character on this list has a huge connection to Hawks.

4) Dabi

Many people's fan theory of Dabi regarding his family ties turned out to be correct (Image via Bones)
Many people’s fan theory of Dabi regarding his family ties turned out to be correct (Image via Bones)

A villain with a justified motive is one thing, but it’s another to have an extremely powerful Quirk alongside an amazing design. Even the most casual person who hasn’t watched much of My Hero Academia can tell that Dabi is one of the cooler characters just by virtue of his design alone.

His plot with Shoto Todoroki and Endeavor is arguably the best part of the Final War Arc, and it’s sometimes considered by fans to be the peak of the series. As far as villains go, he’s inherently a lot more interesting than somebody like All For One, who is rather one-dimensional, or somebody like Shigaraki, whose primary plot isn’t as engaging as Dabi’s troubles with his family.

3) All Might


When it comes to the best characters, All Might certainly has a claim to be number one. However, being the best isn’t necessarily the same as being the coolest. He was the number one hero in My Hero Academia for a long time, and his bout against All For One was the stuff of legends.

However, he is past his prime after that iconic bout and has to compete with several other insanely popular characters for the title of the coolest My Hero Academia character.

It wouldn’t be wrong to place him higher, but the following two characters tend to be liked more for several reasons.

2) Shoto Todoroki

Looking like Avatar's Zuko a bit is pretty neat, too (Image via Bones)
Looking like Avatar’s Zuko a bit is pretty neat, too (Image via Bones)

One could make a lame ice pun regarding cool characters, but it’s better just to state that Shoto Todoroki has consistently been one of the more featured characters of Class 1-A. He’s also been highly popular across every official popularity poll, so there’s clearly something about him that resonates with My Hero Academia fans.

It helps that he has a great deal of lore attached to him compared to the average character. Moreover, fire and ice powers are traditionally seen as awesome powers to have in any anime. Add in a chill personality with being one of the stronger students in the series, and it’s clear why he stands out positively compared to his contemporaries.

1) Katsuki Bakugo

The most popular My Hero Academia character (Image via Bones)
The most popular My Hero Academia character (Image via Bones)

Generally speaking, rival characters tend to be way cooler than the main protagonist in Sh┼Źnen animes. It’s no different in My Hero Academia, where Bakugo is usually portrayed as brasher and tougher than Deku throughout the beginning of the series.

Even when Deku started to become too powerful, Bakugo still maintained a significant lead over him in terms of overall popularity. Just for reference, the only time Bakugo wasn’t number one in an official Japanese popularity poll was in the first one.

He has a popular design and also possesses an explosive ability that mixes phenomenally with his backstory and overall plot relevance.

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