139K+ GTA Online users have reportedly played Last Dose mission since latest Los Santos Drug Wars update

GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars added Last Dose missions with the latest weekly update today, and it looks like thousands of players have already tried it. Famous insider Tez2 recently reported on Twitter today that 139,000+ users have played the “Last Dose mission 1 – This is an Intervention” since its arrival on March 16, 2023.

It is one of five brand new story-driven Last Dose missions added to the Los Santos Drug Wars drip-feed content.

GTA Online Last Dose Mission 1 has already been played by thousands of players worldwide

139k players have played the first “Last Dose” mission today.54k new players within the last 3 hours ago.#GTAOnline https://t.co/F1AGi4mEYt

As seen in the post above, Tez2’s data suggested that thousands of players loved the new GTA Online Last Dose missions in the second half of the Los Santos Drug Wars story. Here is a breakdown of the number of players trying the mission:

March 16, 2023 (15:05)

  • Players – 51,910
  • Plays – 80,631

March 16, 2023 (16:58)

  • Players – 84,372
  • Plays – 133,836

March 16, 2023 (19:38)

  • Players – 138,986
  • Plays – 225,383

One important thing to note is that the number of plays exceeds the number of people. It’s also safe to assume that more players must have tried the mission by now. Some of these huge figures might be due to the Ocelot Virtue car as a free reward for completing the Last Dose missions as host.

Everything to know about GTA Online Last Dose mission 1 – This is an Intervention


GTA Online Last Dose mission 1, This is an Intervention, begins right where the First Dose mission 6, Off the Rails, ends. All the memorable characters from the Los Santos Drug Wars can be seen, including Labrat, who gets kidnapped from the Freakshop during the cutscene.

Now players need to fight a swarm of kidnappers and make them retreat with the help of the remaining Fooliganz. In the end, there’s another cutscene in which Dax can be seen panicking about the situation.

Los Santos Drug Wars reaches its explosive finale in The Last Dose, with five new missions leading you down an action-packed rabbit hole in the culmination of this two-part story.Play now: rsg.ms/92a9363


It’s one of the best Last Dose missions so far, which ultimately leads to the debut of Dr. Freidlander in the game.

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