19 new billionaires enter the Forbes 400 list in 2019

Forbes 400 list 2019
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A few people don’t require to spend the entire life building wealth. Forbes recently released the Forbes 400 list 2019, which profiles and ranks the richest Americans, worth over $2.1bn. The youngest billionaire on the list this year is 29-years-old Evan Spiegel, Snapchat co-founder with a net worth of $3.6bn.

Meanwhile, Alice Walton, daughter of Sam Walton, Walmart founder ranks as the richest woman in the list, with a $51.4bn net worth.

However, there are 19 newcomers who have also managed to position themselves in the Forbes 400 list in 2019 for the first time. Though the multimillion-dollar mark has not changed since the previous year, these 19 people still made it to this year’s Forbes 400 listing.

Four new people, including the 2 richest newcomers, entered this year’s list due to divorce or death. This includes David Koch’s widow Julia Koch and MacKenzie Bezos, the ex-wife of Jeff Bezos.

Both of these have debuted among the country’s top 20. Meanwhile, William Lauder, Earnest Garcia III, and two others have worked in their family businesses to increase their fortunes.

The 13 remaining newcomers, between the age of 43 and 84 years, joined the list due to the money they raised from scratch. Tim Sweeney is the richest self-built newcomer who owns the famous firm Epic Games. Also new in the list is Orlando Bravo, the private equity veteran and a first billionaire from Puerto-Rican.

However, a few newcomers experienced a rough beginning. This includes ZScaler cybersecurity software company founder Jay Chaudhry and the sole immigrant new member this year.

Chaudhry was raised in a small village located in the Himalayas, India where there was no running water or electricity. Meanwhile, Herbert Wertheim, an optometrist, and longtime investor were dyslexic. He had a rough time in his school and so enrolled in the US Navy when he was 17 years old after experiencing truancy charges.

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