3-week-old Premature baby defeats Coronavirus in Scotland

Coronavirus was no match for this wee Scottish fighter.

A premature baby girl named Peyton was diagnosed with COVID-19 at just three-weeks-old, beat the bug — and was released for the hospital this week, the BBC reported. 

Born eight weeks premature on March 26, Peyton weighed just 3 pounds and 5 ounces.

Following the C-section birth, new mom Tracy Maguire was told she may have pre-eclampsia, a pregnancy complication characterized by high blood pressure, so she was sent to a local hospital.

In the weeks to come, she developed a cough and sniffles.

Maguire says it was one of the “worst things” she’s seen when she watched doctors insert a swab into Peyton’s nose to test for the virus.

“It was the first time I’d seen my baby cry tears,” Maguire told the outlet. “I held her, I was crying and we were just trying to get each other through the situation.”

Doctors “said ‘she’s fine, don’t panic – but she has tested positive for coronavirus,’” Maguire said.

She is believed to be Scotland’s youngest COVID-19 patient.

“I think the doctor was trying to keep me calm but I was sobbing,” Maguire said. “As much as she was fine I thought at what point was she with the virus? How is she fighting against it when she’s so wee? It was just the unknown.”

Peyton was given steroids to help strengthen her lungs, and she eventually recovered.

The mom and her baby were discharged from the hospital on Monday, and Peyton’s father finally got to hold her for the first time.