5 Earth Day Activities to try with kids in 2020

Although lockdown might curtail some Earth Day activities, there is still plenty that younger members of the family can do from home to mark the day.

The Earth Day website has a host of digital activities going on that children can get involved in, from sharing graphics and posters through to watching a live digital programme of events via the site.

1) Older kids who may have social media can also help the campaign by joining a huge digital call to action either on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok or Facebook.

2) From a more practical point of view, you could also conduct a science experiment at home with an environmental theme – such as pouring oil into water to see just how difficult it is to clean up, giving an idea of how challenging it is to clear up oil spilled in the ocean.


3) Kids could also plant a tree – which is something which can be done at home in your garden, if you have one – to help with the Earth Day pledge of having one tree on the planet for each of its 7.8bn inhabitants.

4) Other actitivies if you have a garden could include building an insect hotel – which is easily done by filling a small box with grass, pine cones and other similar items and leaving it in the garden.

5) If you don’t have a garden then a terrarium – an enclosed indoor environment for plants – is also fun to make, and can be done using an old glass jar or a vase.