585 warship sailors catch COVID-19

Over the past weekend, the number of positive cases on the USS Theodore Roosevelt jumped by over 100 positive cases.

According to the navy’s website 92-percent of the carrier crew has been tested, 585 have tested positive, more than 37,00 tested negative, and more than 3,900 have been moved off the ship.

During Monday’s media briefing, Joint Region Marianas Commander Rear Admiral John Menoni, however, was guarded with giving any other specifics. When asked whether any sailors that were moved to quarantine hotels had since tested positive, the Rear Admiral would not provide a definitive response.

“I will just tell you again if there are any symptoms they are immediately evaluated and immediately pulled out of the hotel,” he said.

Menoni did confirm however that one sailor that broke quarantine was removed and is currently under investigation.

“There was a break of a quarantine in one of the hotels that sailor as I committed to the governor and the community of Guam that sailor was pulled from the hotel it was all internal to the hotel that sailor was pulled from the hotel taken back to Naval Base Guam,” he said.

Meanwhile although the primary mission is to get TR sailors healthy and back on the ship, the rear admiral said simultaneously to build additional medical capacity for the island’s civilian population should the governor sound the alarm.

“We are also bringing additional capabilities to this island those capabilities aren’t built yet but that will bring with them additional medical providers as well as support personnel that will be placed the governor,” he said. “And I will announce those facilities at a later date but those are in work as we speak.”

Menoni adds that request, however, has not yet been made the governor.

Last week on the navy’s website it reported one sailor was hospitalized and another was in ICU.  When asked Menoni would not provide an update on their conditions citing HIPPA concerns.