A brand new RPG “GreedFall” is going to be released with archaic weaponry and combat

Spiders game studio has given a lot of great games to play like Mars: War Logs and Bound by flame. They are going to release Greedfall in coming September. GreedFall is another RPG game which offers adventure, magic and 17th-century weaponry. The game art style is unique and yeah you can say it is baroque art. A game Trailer for GreedFall is out and it will not disappoint you.


Lately, a lot of games use their time-period as medieval, but this game has used the cliché setting more fascinatingly. The game is set in dark under-tones and filled with amazing graphics.

When the game starts, players get the freedom to customize their characters. There are several options to choose from. As a player, you will arrive at the island and make allies and fight. For that, you have to have some starting skills, talents, and attributes. There are variations of talents your character can delve into.

Finally, coming to the most engaging part of the adventure role-playing game, combating has its two forms, either indulge in the melee with rapier or riposte with flair or if you don’t want that, then you can make use of magic and several traps using devastating spells.

In combat style, your character can be specialized in one combat or he can be equally equipped to every combat. You have to learn a little bit of everything to survive. Your actions in the game will shape your future.

To avoid direct combat, myriad options of pistols, bombs, and poisons are available at the battlefield. GreedFall provides you with hundreds of customizable swords, weapons, armor, and clothing.

While exploring and going for a quest, open combat or fight is not the only option available; you can make use of diplomacy, stealth, and intelligence. Players will go for combat with their group of three. You can choose with whom you want to fight, but always keep in mind; they also have their motives, goals.

The game will be releasing on 10th September 2019 and will be available on Playstation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft windows.