A Tornado Hits Seattle In This Station 19 Sneak Peek

That sound can only mean one thing.

In an exclusive sneak peek at the season premiere of ABC’s Station 19, nothing appears to be out of the ordinary at first, as the crew arrives on the scene of a multi-vehicle car crash. 

However, as Andy Herrera (Jaina Lee Ortiz) starts to assist a woman involved in the accident, a siren begins to wail, causing a man offscreen to question, “What the hell is that?”

As Travis Montgomery (Jay Hayden) looks to the menacing clouds above, he reveals, “That’s a tornado warning.”

Not such a normal day after all!

As the gusty winds begin to pick up, people are seen fleeing and attempting to take cover. Andy asks, “Any word on the yellow coupe with the woman inside of it?”

May we suggest looking skyward?

In the Oct. 6 season premiere, “The Station 19

crew jumps into action as a violent tornado rips through Seattle,” according to the network. “Amidst the chaos, the team makes a shocking discovery buried under a tree, and Travis’ first responder instincts kick into high gear at a political event.”