A woman from Florida got Banned for Life from Walt Disney World over a Cigarette

As astonishing as it may sound, it’s true that a woman from Florida got banned for life from Walt Disney World over a cigarette. She got banned for getting into a fight with a taxi driver over a cigarette, outside of the park’s Hollywood Studios.

This 53-year-old woman named Ellen McMillion hails from Brandon, Florida; she has been arrested and charged with third-degree felony battery. The incident basically started when the lady asked a taxi driver for a cigarette and upon man’s explanation of not having one, she tried to slap him and is even reported to have kicked a deputy sheriff at the park.

Not just this, it was reported that she even shouted profanities as multiple adults and children passed by. The woman has said to verbally state herself, that ‘she was drunk multiple times’. The woman has been taken to the Orange County jail.

In one of the statements, Disney spokeswoman Erica Ettori said, “We have no tolerance for violence”. As per the police report, Disney security appealed McMillion to be banned from “all Walt Disney World properties”.