Abhay Deol Birthday: 5 Roles of the Talented Actor We Would Like To See A Spin-off of of

Abhay Deol is one of those actors who is aware of his craft, talent and merit and thus only invests his time, sometimes money too, on projects he feels he deserves. That’s perhaps also the reason why his projects are so far and few. That’s hurtful but we believe it is a legit reason to have. It’s also because his fans don’t want him to do any kind of movie or series just to be in the public eye. There’s another reason for that. Abhay Deol has the phenomenal capability of making the audience miss him after the film is over. And that includes roles where he had very little to do or wasn’t given much scope to do. Abhay Deol Birthday Special: 5 Facts About This Dishy Actor You Are Not Aware Of.

Let us explain it clearly. Today on the dimpled Deol’s birthday, we will talk about those roles that deserved more and can totally get a spin-off of their own.


It’s not even open to discussion and debate anymore. It’s a fact that Deol’s character was quite neglectfully treated in this film. But that’s yesterday’s topic. We feel to do justice to this quiet rebellious character of Jasjeet Singh Shergil, played by Doel, there could be a spin-off. The latter will focus on what was going through his mind when Kundan-Zoya tension was on. Did that impact his personal and political ambitions? He was a student leader. Of course, it will be a prequel as Shergil dies in the film.

Happy Bhag Jayegi

Abhay as Bilal from Pakistan was dealing with a lot of conflicting emotions. Getting drawn to an eccentric girl from India, figuring out his political ambitions, finding a space to put his view across and a compromised relationship with his fiance. There are many shades to this character but that hardly gets room to create an impact. So we feel a spin-off on just Bilal in Pakistan, perhaps he is now a part of the ruling party in the Parliament and how the chance encounter with Happy, made him happy!


Now come on, Deol with grey shades is a class act. He was a thief in Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! and yet we found ourselves siding with him. Such is his charm. In Zero, he is shown as a partner who hurts Katrina but we hardly know about his side of the story. How about a short movie on Deol’s side of the story and what he felt going through the entire mayhem post the breakup? Not siding with him, just knowing his side. After all, we aren’t Luv Ranjan to pretend the other side doesn’t exist!


This could easily lend to a spin-off. Krishnan, played by Deol, refuses the Stockholm trip and the promotion to ensure that the investigation on Ahmadi’s attack continues without hindrance. We can now know how that’s going on and how Krishnan is holding up. Some vulnerabilities of the character can be explored here because Krishnan is shown as a strict uptight IAS officer in the movie. Abhay Deol Calls Anurag Kashyap ‘Liar’ for Claiming He Demanded Five-Star Hotel Room During Dev D Shoot.


Aisha is a take on Jane Austen’s famous story Emma. So Abhay Deol plays the quintessential Austen hero who is ‘half agony, half hope’. The spin-off could be his POV of Aisha and her failed attempts to set up her friends. This can be much like Christian Grey’s POV on Fifty Shades Of Grey

, only here it will be a lot milder, tamer and non-erotic. We so like the sound of it!

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