ACM’s ‘Our Country’: Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani sing after ‘drinking all day’

The TV special “ACM Presents: Our Country” saw more than 20 stars singing from self-isolation on Sunday night — in lieu of the Academy of Country Music Awards, which have been postponed to September.

Self-isolation looks pretty cozy in Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani’s part of the world. The couple were seen in front of a campfire on Shelton’s property in Oklahoma, his home state.

“We happen to be in Oklahoma, hiding away from everybody, Doing what we’re supposed to do,” Shelton said. “And we’re also doing what I think everybody else must be doing, which is drinking all day.”

Stefani laughed.

“Not me! What are you talking about?” She moved a glass out of the camera’s view.

“Oh, no, just me,” Shelton said.

He explained that couple was supposed to sing their duet “Nobody But You” at the ACM Awards on Sunday. We’ve seen them in that setting before: just two months earlier, they performed the same song at the Grammy Awards.

But this was worlds better, and filled with warmth — between the hunting jackets, booze and chemistry that’s easy to spot offstage.

Good camerawork too — turns out it was Stefani’s brother, Todd, who’s in the film business.

After the song wrapped, Shelton told the TV audience to “stay safe.” Or he tried to.

“I said ‘Say safe!'”