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Activists project grim warnings near NYC DOE headquarters

Activists project grim warnings near NYC DOE headquarters

Hey, Chancellor Carranza, get the message?

A giant image of the Grim Reaper holding his scythe over an old-fashioned schoolhouse was projected onto a building across from Department of Education headquarters Friday night.

Another image said: “Make your Choice: Live or Teach.”

A third drawing projected across from the Tweed Courthouse on Chambers Street showed a school bus headed off a cliff with cascading Covid symbols.

Another message read, “Welcome Back to School,” amidst virus germ symbols.

One pic showed raised hands under the words, “How many is too many?”

“We won’t die for the D.O.E.,” read yet another missive.

MORE-UFT, a faction of the teachers’ union which has been fiercely advocating  against Mayor de Blasio’s school reopening plans, tweeted photos and a video of the “Art Teacher x Illuminator Project” after the images started appearing about 8:30 pm.

Teachers active with MORE-UFT created and projected the images.

“Tweed is blocked off, and the mayor is not listening to teachers, parents and students,” a member said. “People are doing what they need to do to be heard. The plan puts us and our students at risk.”

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