AEW announces first-ever international tour including Forbidden Door to come later this year

AEW has officially announced its first international tour starting with this year’s Forbidden Door event. The company will return to Canada at the close of June through to mid-July.

The tour will see AEW visit Ontario, Alberta, and Saskatchewan, including Dynamite, Rampage, and House Rules shows. Forbidden Door will be the second edition of the annual NJPW cross-promoted event. The Scotiabank Centre will play host to the event on Sunday, June 25th.

Dynamite and Rampage tapings will be held on June 28th following, and once again on July 5th. Dynamite will air on its own on July 12th with Rampage live the following Friday on the 14th. The tour concludes with House Rules on July 15th, hosted to coincide with the annual ‘Calgary Stampede’ celebration.

The promotion entered Canada for the first time in October last year. Dynamite was kicked off with new signing Renee Paquette and bolstered with marquee matches like Bryan Danielson against Chris Jericho for the ROH title. Orange Cassidy captured the All-Atlantic title in the main event.

Coming Up NEXT,TONIGHT on TBS: Wednesday Night #AEWDynamite! It’s going to be a great @AEWonTV show tonight! This will be our first international event of 2023 + our @AEW debut in an amazing pro wrestling city, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, TONIGHT,coming up NEXT on @TBSNetwork!

This week’s Dynamite and Rampage are also in Canada. Jeff Jarrett will be challenging for OC’s title, which is being rebranded to become the International Championship.

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