‘AGT’ kiddie magicians The Rocketts get arrested for hiding from mom

'AGT' kiddie magicians The Rocketts get arrested for hiding from mom

The Rocketts, a magical kiddie duo who gained reality TV fame on ” America’s Got Talent,” have been arrested for making themselves disappear.

Brother and sister Kadan and Brooklyn Rockett — who wowed Simon Cowell in the “AGT” semi-finals back in 2016 — were arrested last week in Farmerville, Louisiana for refusing to to go with police who were attempting to return them to their mom, TMZ reported.

A Missouri judge ordered the heated handoff in the ongoing custody battle with their father. Kadan, 15, and Brooklyn, 13, have reportedly been living with their dad in California for years.

Local law enforcement sources told the outlet they had paperwork authorizing the handoff, which stemmed from a 2019 court order issued by a Missouri judge.

In video footage of the tense confrontation around a kitchen table, the teens claim they are afraid of their mom — but a police officer sternly tells them, “You do not have a choice, this is nothing to argue about. You have to go with us. Let’s go.”

When the “AGT” magicians refuse to comply, PRESTO! The cop promptly starts reading them their rights.

“I’m asking you to go — or you will be arrested.” When they don’t immediately respond, the officer jerks Kaden by the arm and slaps cuffs on him as Brooklyn sobs and wipes away tears. Their father can be heard saying, “I love you guys.”

The Rocketts’ mom and dad were divorced in 2010 and the battle for custody has apparently been raging ever since. There was a similar incident with the kids and Missouri police in October 2019.

Sources told TMZ that Kaden and Brooklyn, who were in Louisiana for their grandma’s funeral at the time of the arrest, were held at the Glen Oaks Detention Center in Monroe overnight.

The status of their case is currently unknown as a family court judge sealed the records — but they are reportedly back with their pops for now.

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