Airlines may start using special cameras to enforce mask-wearing regulations

Airlines may start using special cameras to enforce mask-wearing regulations

Cameras are watching for everything these days.

As airlines begin resuming service amid the coronavirus pandemic, two of the major issues they’ve seemingly struggled with are social distancing and face mask requirements. Soon, these companies may be using cameras to catch people not following the new rules.

At least two companies have revealed they have been in talks with airlines about implementing cameras with video detection software to identify individuals either not wearing masks and/or not practicing social distancing, Forbes reports.

Mahesh Saptharishi, CTO of Motorola Solutions, told the outlet, “Airlines are having a tough time allowing passengers to feel a level of comfort that it’s safe to fly. Airlines — at least the ones we have spoken to — are fully invested in actually enforcing mask-wearing in general. So they want to insist that not only passengers who enter the aircraft, but those who are in the waiting area before they board, do wear masks.”

Motorola Solutions reportedly makes cameras that can detect the number of people in one area at a time and can determine how many of those people are wearing masks.

Cyberlink, a tier-two supplier, is working with global tech distribution networks that could potentially deploy their technology to airports. The company makes facial recognition software that can integrate with thermal detection cameras.

Neither Cyberlink nor Motorola Solutions would say which specific airlines they have been in contact with.

According to Saptharishi, these technologies wouldn’t necessarily be used to enforce rules in a confrontational way. Instead, airports could use the cameras simply to gather data and track where travelers aren’t practicing social distancing.

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