All The Viral Moments to Come Out of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

For the past week, more than 10,000 athletes have been living in Tokyo for the 2020 Olympics and it’s safe to say that this year’s games are well-documented.

When the competitors are not practicing or participating in one of the events, they’ve been sharing TikToks, Instagram photos and more content for the thousands of spectators who are deeply invested in life at the Olympics. As a result, more than a handful of moments have gone viral, as fans marvel over what takes place behind-the-scenes of the sporting event.

Initially, all eyes were focused on those rumored anti-sex beds, which are eco-friendly as they’re composed of cardboard and foam. But when the Olympic Opening Ceremony took place, attention shifted to the costumes, performances and other topics just like that.

Since then, the sporting events have taken precedence over these moments, but every so often an Olympian will make headlines for one reason or another.