Alonzo Quintero’s father demands justice afteer fiery LA wreck

The devastated father of the 11-month-old boy who was killed in a fiery, high-speed crash in Los Angeles last week is demanding justice for his son.

Little Alonzo Quintero was riding in a car with his 8-month pregnant mother, Asherey Ryan, on their way to a prenatal checkup when a traveling nurse from Houston blew a red light and slammed into their car and at least four others last Thursday, killing the baby and his mother.

“He had a smile that would brighten up your day no matter what,” lzonzo’s grieving father, Luis Quintero, told ABC 7 LA.

“He was full of joy, very excited. I loved when he gripped his hands, when he would kick his legs from excitement.”

Also in the car with Alonzo and his mother was Ryan’s boyfriend, Reynold Lester, who was also killed in the wreck. Two other women — who have not been publicly identified — were also killed.

Luis Quintero said he wants justice for his son.

The 37-year-old nurse, Nicole Lorraine Linton, was slapped with six counts of murder on Monday over the deadly wreck.

Quintero said through sobs he hopes “justice is made.”

11-month-old Alonso Quintero was killed in a car crash in LA last week.
Alonzo Quintero was killed along with his pregnant mother and her boyfriend on Thursday.
Nicole Lorraine Linton, a nurse from Texas, has been charged with six counts of murder.
Nicole Lorraine Linton, a nurse from Texas, has been charged with six counts of murder.

“I want to see that justice is made. Something for her, payback for what she’s done. Maybe then I can forgive her. But not now. She took my son away from me. And I will never see him.”

Linton has been in 13 other car wrecks, including one in 2020 that left two cars totaled, the Los Angeles Times reported. Prosecutors claimed that she knew she was a potential danger when she was behind the wheel.

Linton’s attorney said in court that his client has a history of “profound mental health issues” that could be linked to the collision, but did not elaborate, according to the Times.