Amazon is killing off the dash buttons later this month (31st August 2019)

In the year 2015, a day before April Fool’s day, the news of physical dash buttons by Amazon was let out publicly. The idea behind the introduction of Amazon dash buttons was to keep things simpler for the customers. There are many items in our day to day lives which we want to reorder.

Amazon is killing off the dash buttons later this month (31st August 2019)
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The list includes detergent, coffee, and other stuff. Amazon got the idea of dash buttons, which resembles a button. The panel can stay anywhere in the house.

With just a push of a button, you get to order the things of your choice once again. Amazon wanted to remove the tiresome order processing system for customers.

When the dash button news reached the public, they thought that the company is making a fool of them. They didn’t realize that it was real. Soon it became a reality.

The sad news is that Amazon has stopped selling dash buttons

in the early stage of 2019. It mailed the Amazon dash users that from August 31st, 2019 their physical panels will not function anymore. It is because the company is ceasing it.

Why did the company withdraw such a fantastic service?

The Amazon officials said that very few people seemed interested in the physical dash buttons process. People who are still having it are not even making use of it.

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According to research, the officials stated that in the past few months they have tracked that the usage of physical dash buttons slowed down.

The company went onto say that the virtual dash buttons will continue to provide its services. Even the machines which have a button to reorder can do so by pushing it.

For example, you want to order coffee then press the button on your coffee machine to reorder coffee powder. It will land at your doorstep within time. Customers usually ordered without thinking twice, just with a push of a button.