Analysis: Brock Glenn flips commitment to FSU

Brock Glenn flipped his commitment from Ohio State to Florida State on Monday night, a decision that makes him a big part of the Seminoles’ 2023 class.

FSU went into this recruiting cycle with the idea of taking two high school quarterbacks. As each week passed and targets they were going after committed to other programs, FSU’s strategy changed.

The one thing that did not change was FSU’s pursuit of Glenn, an Ohio State commitment. The talented signal caller was a target for FSU ever since Chris Parson decided to take his talents to Mississippi State. FSU coach Tony Torkaz continued to recruit Glenn even though the Buckeyes landed him.

So with the addition of Glenn what does that do for the quarterback depth chart at FSU? We will break that down for you.

FSU landing Glenn is huge. You really want to sign one quarterback in each class. Glenn gives them a prospect who made Elite 11. He has a good arm. You turn on his film and Glenn can push the ball down the field. He has pretty good anticipation. He is able to make most of the throws asked of him. Glenn also gives you another live arm. Glenn also brings more competition to the quarterback room and that formula seems to have worked at other positions on the roster. He will get the chance to compete with Tate Rodemaker and AJ Duffy for the backup spot.

What does Glenn need to work on

When Glenn went to the elite 11 camp he struggled with accuracy. This is not a big concern to us because in the past we have seen guys like Christian Ponder and Blake Bortles go to camps and not even look like Division I quarterbacks. Both players developed in college and ended up getting drafted in the first round. Jordan Travis, when he stepped on campus at FSU, struggled to complete passes and has improved his accuracy. The one thing that is difficult for many quarterbacks at camps like Elite 11 is adjusting to throwing to receivers that they have never thrown to before. Some of his accuracy issues can come from poor footwork or his mechanics being off. With what Mike Norvell has done with Travis and the improvements that Tate Rodemaker has made over the past two seasons we feel that this part of Glenn’s game can and will improve.

Final thoughts

Glenn’s commitment is big in so many ways. There is a good chance Travis comes back in 2023. If he comes back, you can most likely expect attrition and one of the two backups (AJ Duffy or Rodemaker) could decide to go somewhere else. If that happens you will only have three quarterbacks on the roster. This will also trigger FSU to go to the portal and bring in an experience starting quarterback. Rodemaker is closer to being ready to start than Duffy.

If Travis leaves, you could still have one of the backups leave once Glenn joins the roster. What we do know is that the addition of Glenn brings another talented and gifted quarterback to the roster and gives you some security if one of the guys on the roster decides to leave. FSU needs to always have three scholarship quarterbacks on the roster. To have less than that is playing with fire.

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