Anthony Pettis Wants a Boxing Fight Before Retirement From PFL

Anthony Pettis joined a list of big names that left the UFC in 2020 and signed with rival promotions. ‘Showtime’ was the former lightweight champion in the UFC and defended his belt once as well. However, at 33-years of age, Anthony decided it was time for a new chapter in his life to commence. 

Pettis is a long-time student under Duke Roufus at Roufus Sport alongside the likes of former welterweight champion Tyron Woodley and Ben Askren. His teammate, Ben Askren, although retired, has been in the news lately. There are rumors that he will take on YouTuber Jake Paul in a boxing match. 

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Anthony Pettis gives his take on Ben Askren vs Jake Paul in a boxing match

In a recent interview with SCMP MMA, Nick Atkin asked ‘Showtime’ what he made of a boxing match between teammate ‘Funky‘ and Jake Paul and if he had spoken to him about the same. 

The former lightweight champion replied, “Ahh man that’s funny we were just literally texting today. He was actually the one who told me ONE FC was interested in doing some talking and seeing what kind of numbers we can come together with. Then I immediately asked him bro, are you boxing? And he’s like, why wouldn’t I? He made some good points”

Showtime’ continued, “I definitely offered my assistance. I love to box and that is something I will do before the end of my career, I will have a boxing fight and I will some kind of a go in the ring. To see him get this opportunity, man, it’s amazing. He’s one of those guys that has had bad luck in the UFC…. For him to go out there and box against one of the biggest YouTube stars and potentially be able to shut this guy up, I’m looking forward to it.”

Pettis is still only 33 and has a lot of time left in the sport. The American fighter was previously the face of WEC before moving to the UFC, where he achieved massive success as well.

The former UFC fight aims to use his name and platform to help the PFL grow by being the face of the PFL. What do you make of Anthony Pettis’ move to PFL? Will his stock rise enough to secure a massive boxing match before he retires for good?

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