AP-NORC Poll: Biden’s approval rating rises


Analysis-Despite U.S. inflation’s bite, Democratic voters are energized for midterms

The unexpected rise in inflation reported on Tuesday was an unwelcome blow for President Joe Biden’s Democrats, but a new Reuters/Ipsos poll shows Democratic voters just as enthusiastic as their Republican counterparts, pointing to a potentially close contest in November’s elections. Republicans remain favored to win control of the U.S. House of Representatives – with the Senate on a knife-edge – amid widespread dissatisfaction with Biden’s presidency and months of sharp price increases that the poll showed remain the top concern for Republican and Democratic voters alike. The results of a new Reuters/Ipsos poll, however, show Democrats appear just as eager to vote as Republicans, running counter to expectations that a weak economy would depress enthusiasm in the president’s party, said Daron Shaw, an expert on polling and elections at the University of Texas at Austin.