Apex Legends: Fight or Fright Event Returns with New Shadow Royale LTM and Resurrected Skins

Apex Legends: Fight or Fright Event Returns with New Shadow Royale LTM and Resurrected Skins

With the Aftermarket Collection event concluding today, October 20, Respawn has announced the next event for Apex Legends. The Fight or Fright Event is returning to the battle royale this week, just in time for the spooky festivities of Halloween. The event will feature a new limited-time Shadow Royale mode, freaky cosmetics, and spooky challenges. Read on to know everything about the upcoming themed event.

Fight or Fright brings New Shadow Royale LTM in Apex Legends

Fight or Fright brings back last year’s Shadowfall LTM, but with new twists. The Shadow Royale LTM will take players to Kings Canyon After Dark, the alternate dimension where Revenant runs the Apex Games. In this game mode, players will jump in as the usual Legends but will resurrect as powerful Shadows after dying. The shadows will be armed with abilities such as a brutal melee attack, enhanced mobility and speed, double jumps, and wall-running, as shown in the event trailer.

(Image Credit: Apex Legends – YouTube)

Instead of jumping in solo, players will team up as Shadow Squads in this LTM. This means as long as one legend stays alive, teammates remain as shadows to terrorize other squads and help carry their squad to victory. Final Death ensures that when the final legend dies, all shadows die too. Shadows will also have infinite respawns until their living teammate(s) are eliminated or emerge victors as the last living squad.

(Image Credit: Apex Legends – YouTube)

Meanwhile, the event trailer also showed Shadow Prowlers. Players can expect surprise encounters with these creatures. As Respawn mentions in the Fight or Fright Event announcement, “Revenant is running a shelter for abandoned hell-beasts, and you might just end up adopting one to help you win the match“. Overall, the Shadow Royale LTM is an exciting shakeup of last year’s spooky festivities.

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New and Returning Halloween cosmetics and the Haunting prize track

The trailer features Fight or Fright’s resurrected skins, which are essentially recolored versions of the skins from last year’s event. The returning skins have a scarier take and include re-themed designs for Caustic’s Last Laugh, Bloodhound’s Protector of the Patch, Gibraltar’s Monster Mashed, Wraith’s Mistress of Evil, etc. Have a look at the re-imagined skins below.

Sweet Dreams Caustic. (Image Credit: Apex Legends – YouTube)
Wicked Harvest Bloodhound (Image Credit: Apex Legends – YouTube)
Born in Blood Gibraltar. (Image Credit: Apex Legends – YouTube)
Emerald Enchantress Wraith. (Image Credit: Apex Legends – YouTube)

The return of Fight or Fright also brings new legend skins for Loba and Revenant. All cosmetic items will be available through eight shop bundles, with two weekly shop rotations.

(Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment via

While the first set will remain from October 22 – 27, the next set enters the shop rotation from October 27 – November 3.

(Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment via

Players will also have the opportunity to grab other freaky cosmetic items during the Halloween-themed event.

(Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment via

Last but not least, this year’s Fight or Fright features a Haunting prize track, running throughout the event. Players will have to complete spooky challenges to unlock exclusive rewards.

(Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment via

The Fight or Fright Event goes live in Apex Legends this week on October 22, running until November 3. Players get ready to trick-or-treat for Halloween.

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