Apple baits Trump by saying it wants to keep making Mac Pro in the US

Apple CEO, in a meeting with investors, said that it would assemble the Mac Pro 2019 in the United States of America. The company has done the same with its highly powerful desktop. After Tim Cook remarked, Apple also went onto promote the assembly of the new Mac Pro through a video.

When Apple imports its goods to China, the government of the US charges the company for it. Tim Cook remarked saying that the company decided to assemble Mac Pro in the US just to cut down on its cost.

Despite all this, if the government of the US decides to charge the company for importing, then the plan of cutting cost will no longer prove worthful.

Apple baits Trump by saying it wants to keep making Mac Pro in the US
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Cook said that Apple is merely manufacturing Mac Pro on the United States ground to save its tariffs. The company technicians are also working for the improvisation of the product.

A considerable investment is made by the company to continue assembling Mac Pro in the US. As per the US government, they might exclude the tariffs for Apple if it starts assembling in the country.

It is a statement made by Cook. In answer to this, President Trump replied that their tariff exclusion request got canceled.

The company still has a positive outlook and believes that soon, the ball would land in their court. The reason behind Cook’s positivity is that the government won’t risk US jobs.

Tim Cooks statement in the past

According to a journal, Apple might shift the manufacturing of Mac Pro entirely to China. Apple CEO did not refuse his previous comments.

It shows that there is still a probability that Apple might shift or might not shift its production department of Mac Pro to China. Apple officials did not release the date of launching of Mac Pro.