Apple Credit Card is finally here: Check out its major highlights and security features

Apple Card
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Apple finally launched its new premium titanium credit card in the US on 20 August. It’s a no-fee Mastercard, issued via Goldman Sachs, and comes with a yearly percentage rate based on the customer’s creditworthiness. Special rewards are available to those using Apple Pay app.


The Apple Card comes with the classic, minimalist Apple design. It has a white finish, made up of titanium, with an Apple logo and your name on the front but without the usual credit card numbers. All the other information like CVV, expiration date, account no., etc can be accessed via the Apple Wallet app.

Much more secure:

Instead of utilizing your account number, a unique code is generated in order to finish every transaction. This means your Apple Card number is never linked with the purchase. It is therefore much more safe and secure for online shopping. In case of card stolen or lost, it cannot be used online unless a hacker gains access to your phone.


Touted as a new type of credit card by Apple, there are a few guidelines you need to keep in mind when it comes to storing the Apple Card. The iPhone maker has updated its support page warning customers about a few fabrics, like denim and leather, which may lead to permanent discoloration of the card.

If the card comes in contact with any hard substance, it may likely damage the titanium coating and ruin the card’s aesthetics. That damage will not wash off.  Apart from this, magnets also are a possible danger as they may demagnetize the magnetic stripe present on the Apple Card.

So, if you happen to get yourself an Apple Credit Card, the company recommends placing it in a pocket, wallet, or a soft material bag. Apple further suggests using a micro-fiber cloth dampened with isopropyl alcohol to clean the titanium-based credit card.

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