Apple Joins Intel to Develop Advanced Technology

Apple is all set to extend its business by acquiring the majority of intel’s smartphone modem business. On Thursday, Apple team has confirmed that they will buy intel smartphone modem business for $ 1 billion. it will faster the wireless technology in iPhones.

There will be approximately 22,00 intel employees who will join apple along with intellectual property, equipment, and leases.

An agreement has already signed by Apple with Intel. And the expectation is that the deal would be closed till the end of the year 2019.

With this, the main motto of Apple is to develop 17,000 wireless technology patents with modem architecture and modem operation. Apple will soon develop a 5G network iPhone.

Apple Joins Intel to Develop Advanced Technology

According to Intel CEO Bob Swan, this agreement will make them more focus on developing 5G wireless network technology


Further, he added that this will also help them to align with the needs of their global customer base, including network operators, telecommunication manufacturers, and cloud service providers.

Apple is excited to join with excellent engineers who would help them to grow their cellular technology, and in developing technologically enhanced future products.

According to Gene Munster, a long-time Analyst with Apple with 5g Network Technology there might be the use of Qualcomm chip.

Although Qualcomm was in a long time legal dispute with Apple over royalties and other business practices which have ended in April.

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The main Competitor of Intel in the business of Smartphone modems is Qualcomm. But now Intel joined with Apple will help to reduce Apple’s dependence on Qualcomm.

Development of a 5G network would give a good boost to the technology. It will offer network speed far faster than current wireless connections.

It will also lead to the adoption of new technologies which will run on the 5G network such as industrial robots, security cameras, drones, and cars.

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