Apple sends invites for a September 10 event: Here’s what you can expect

Media invites for Apple’s annual September event were sent out on Thursday and as ever, speculations regarding what may be launched are already making rounds. The Apple invites don’t explicitly reveal anything about what it plans to unleash at the upcoming event.

But according to rumor mills, it is likely that the company may announce 3 new iPhones and these would act as the successors to iPhone XS, XR as well as XS Max.

Out of these 3 iPhone models, 2 are expected to sport Apple’s first-ever triple-camera setup at the rear side. Additionally, the successor to iPhone XS may also feature a little bigger 6.1-inch display in contrast to 5.8 inches.

As per another rumor, these new iPhones may come with bidirectional wireless charging support. This implies that these iPhones may be able to charge AirPods when utilized with their latest wireless casing. Besides, updates to Face recognition biometric security and battery life are also being suggested.

The iPhone maker rarely maintains its annual launch events centered on just an individual category of hardware. The previous year, the company launched Apple Watch Series 4 and a new HomePod software upgrade alongside new iPhones.

However, the main hardware that Apple is currently rumored to be preparing for launch at this year’s event is a new MacBook Pro, a new iPad Pro, iPad, and a new Apple Watch Series 5 along with the iPhones.

In addition to this, it’s also expected that Apple may also reveal details as well as pricing of its Apple TV+ streaming service at a November 2019 event. Just remember though that it is Apple who holds a history of hosting just one event to make an announcement of another event a few days later to discuss more of its products.

Well, one will have to wait and see what Apple really has to offer at the upcoming event.