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Apple should cut iPhone prices if it’s serious about services

Evan Lewis



Apple must cut down its iPhone prices if it wants to survive in the smartphone industry. Apple is a brand, and people are loyal towards it. Over the years, the perception of Apple has also changed.

Customers no longer want to invest a massive sum on Apple’s iPhone when there are so many great smartphones already available in the market.


Other companies like Samsung, Oppo, etc. has kept the prices of their smartphone low because there is stiff competition in the smartphone industry.

Moreover, the new generation of Android phones are coming up with modern technologies, and companies do not charge for their services like Apple.

On July 30th,

2019, it came into news that Apple is receiving such blows in the smartphone industry for quite some years now.

There is hardly any growth in the smartphone industry. Apple’s iPhone sale has gone down by 12%. Analysts commented that it is much more than what they had predicted.

The company’s revenue grew by just 1% in the third quarter of the fiscal year. Apple is still surviving in the market because of its other products and services.

Survival of Apple is becoming more robust in the competitive market

Analysts suggest that Apple can survive in the market only by decreasing the price of its iPhones. The company should increase the cost of the services that it provides to its iPhone users like Apple Music, video game subscriptions, etc.

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The price of gadgets used only by iPhone users like the Apple Watch should increase. Apple authorities have already started bringing in low-end iPhones into the market.

In the year 2018, when Apple released three iPhone models, then one model among the three were kept affordable. Apple introduced iPhone XR in the US market.

According to reports, the US market has accepted the cheap version of iPhone XR released in 2018. The phone is selling like a hot cake.

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