US citizens will need to apply for ETIAS for traveling to Europe starting 2021

Planning a trip to Europe next year? Well, stay prepared to opt for an extra option for entering the continent. From 2021 onwards, US citizens will have to apply for European Travel Information and Authorization System or ETIAS. The ETIAS Europe program would is applicable across all regions which didn’t require a visa for traveling to European nations till now.

Wondering what exactly is ETIAS program and how to go about it if you are from one of these regions? Go through the information below to get answers to these questions:

What exactly is ETIAS program?

ETIAS program is basically designed to prevent the recent hike in terrorist activities as well as migrant influx. At times, uncontrolled tourism poses a risk for proper management as well as terrorist attacks. The ETIAS Visa includes 61 nations which are permitted to visit Europe without a need of any Visa.

Besides, ETIAS would also be applicable to Schengen Zone which includes 26 nations that currently don’t require a visa for cross-border movement. In fact, post-Brexit, the British nationals would also need to apply for ETIAS.

The individuals belonging to these nations can visit European region and stay there for not more than 90 days. During the stay, you cannot indulge in activities such as studies or job. But you can indulge in other activities such as business or tourism.

How can you get ETIAS Visa?

You will have to submit an application online to get ETIAS. Ensure that you apply for ETIAS beforehand and finish off all security checks properly ahead of your Europe trip.

You will have to answer some questions as a part of the ETIAS online application regime. Besides this, there are a few other details which you need to submit while applying for ETIAS.

This includes your gender, nationality, address as well as some other important details. Be honest and pay close attention to precision as this is the sole option to assure your Europe entry.

Moreover, it is worthwhile to note that ETIAS isn’t a visa in itself. ETIAS is actually a travel authorization which could be correlated to the ESTA regime in the United States.

What happens next?

Once you receive your ETIAS, you’ll have to present it at your nation’s exit point. You also need to present ETIAS at the borders of the European nations that you’re traveling to. Besides, you might even be asked to present it to the concerned authorities elsewhere when needed.

Also, keep in mind that owning an ETIAS doesn’t definite your visit to the nation you plan on traveling to. The decision of admitting or not admitting you lies in the hands of border authorities.

Hence, it is extremely important to maintain 100% precision in your ETIAS application as mentioned above. The new ETIAS regime is specifically designed to safeguard the border of European nations within the EU or European Union.

Once obtained, ETIAS would remain valid for a span of 3 years. After the lapse of this time period, you will be required to renew it. However, remember that each of your stay in the European area can’t extend beyond 90 days.