Ariana Grande Is Not Well And Forced To Cancel Concert Due To Illness

Ariana Grande Is Not Well And Forced To Cancel Concert Due To Illness
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Ariana Grande may have to cancel her upcoming concert due to health issues. She is “devastated” after knowing that she was forced to cancel her show due to her health concerns. 

She confirmed to her fans on social media that she’s been sick for three weeks. And She had been coughing and had a sinus infection. Ariana added that she is so much in pain and trying to find out what’s going on. 

Ariana Grande shared that she has been sick since the last London show. Now due to her health issues, she won’t be performing at her next stop on the Sweetener World Tour. She is trying to see her doctor and get better for the show. Hopes are high!!

Ariana is disappointed on canceling her show

Ariana said It has always been the worst thing her to cancel a show, especially at this point. She said she needs to figure out what’s happening with her body. “It’s a scary feeling for me,” said Ariana. 

It hurts Ariana Grande the most when she gets to know that she has to cancel her concert. That made Ariana understandably very upset. She is very sorry to her fans and loved ones for not being able to push through tonight.

Lastly, Ariana gets emotional and thanked everyone for understanding and sending her too much love in her bad time. She said she will keep her fans updated about her health. She added- her mom and friends are taking care of her. And she loves her fans with all her heart.

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