Ashley Jacobs Claims Whitney Sudler-Smith Is Bisexual

Ashley Jacobs Claims Whitney Sudler-Smith Is Bisexual
Image: Celebrity Insider

Southern Charm Star Ashley Jacobs Outs Whitney Sudler-Smith as bisexual in the latest video shared. The star left the show because of her bad relationship with the cast members but that did not keep her from sharing the tales of her experience from the sets of Southern Charm. Recently Ashley Jacobs has made some of the surprising revelations about Whitney Sudler-Smith by claiming that he is bisexual.

In a video sent to a fan by Cameo which is a service where the fans are permitted to ask for some personalized video messages from their favorite celebrities. She made this revelation while she was making a video for a fan and everybody is still confused about whether to believe her or not.

Ashley Jacobs Claims Whitney Sudler-Smith Is Bisexual
Image: Celebrity Insider

Celebrity Insider

In the video, she says, “I will tell you a little secret. I have a friend who lives in West Hollywood and has hooked up with Whitney and he is a guy. He likes to swing both ways. To teach to its own…. Just own it!”

She continued her video by saying, “Whitney lives a double life filled with drugs. Booze, wild parties, and flamboyant exploits. His friends on the show Southern Charm knows that he is gay.”

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The reason why he is not coming out is believed to be his mother Patricia Altschul. And according to the sources, his mother has no idea about his sexuality as she is very controlling over his life choices and even his finances. She expects Whitney to be a perfectionist.

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