AT&T kills DirecTV Now brand name as TV subscribers leave in droves

DirecTV Now will soon become AT&T TV NOW as announced by AT&T. The main reason behind this drastic change is the company’s dying Internet run TV service. AT&T went onto say that DirecTV Now will provide every kind of TV channel.

AT&T bought DirecTV Now in the year 2015. Since then, the purchased company isn’t doing good in the market. AT&T is an American multinational company which is operating worldwide.

The company is headquartered at Texas, USA, and is running for the past 35 years. It is working in the field of telecommunications and mass media.

Customers don’t prefer the new version of AT&T because there is a lack of quality services. For example, channels are vanishing without any notice which is not at all acceptable.

The company is losing out a lot of its subscribers due to poor quality service. Nearly 946,000 TV subscribers unsubscribed with the company as soon as the company announced a rise in the prices.

The 946,000 loss of subscribers affected the entire well being of the company. A company spokesperson claimed that the damage is nothing when compared to the loss borne by the company in the last three months.

Brand name of DirecTV Now for satellites will not change?

DirecTV Now brand name will remain the same when it comes to the satellite TV services. The company doesn’t want to lose out any of its subscribers at least when it comes to the satellite TV series.

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The company officials remarked that they are investing a significant sum on improving the satellite TV services. They also went onto say that the brand name will remain unchanged.

Satellite TV subscribers will not face any problem when it comes to receiving the services. As soon as the users accept the terms, everything will work out smoothly for them.