Aubrey O’Day still healing from shame over ‘fat photos’

Aubrey O’Day is still haunted by the comments critics have made about her appearance over the years.

In a recent interview with E! News, the Danity Kane singer, 38, reflected on a 2020 Daily Mail article that featured “unrecognizable” photos of her, prompting negative remarks from haters who talked about her size and claimed she Photoshopped images of herself to look thinner.

“It was my downfall day,” she admitted. “When it came time to laugh at me, everybody was laughing.”

Aubrey O'Day is seen walking outside in New York City in a black dress.
The former Danity Kane singer is fighting back against body-shamers.
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O’Day noted that her body “has been on the chopping block” since she was a teen, adding that those pics were “not the first fat photos.”

The “Show Stopper” singer said that she will “spend the rest” of her life “trying to heal with how many inaccurate things” have been said about her over her years in the spotlight.

When the photos were initially released, O’Day responded by sharing a picture of herself in a swimsuit holding a sign that read, “this is degrading.”

Text over the picture read, “It’s so sick what ppl will do for click bait! And that my lawyer needed this photo to defend me against it.. When is this industry going to stop abusing women’s bodies?”

Aubrey O'Day holds one hand up as she performs on stage.
The singer says her body has been “on the chopping block” since she was 17.

Today, O’Day said she is learning how to embrace her body, using her music to help her heal from the negativity.

The singer recently posed nude for her “Couples Goals” music video after confessing that she originally wanted to use a body double.

“I felt so good,” she told the outlet about the filming process. “I felt so comfortable in my body.”

The “Encore” star is now using OnlyFans to spread body positivity, posting an uncensored version of the music video on her account after gaining a “different perspective” on the dialogue surrounding her body.

“It’s offering my body up to belong to people again,” she explained. “I love the reclaiming of it.”