‘Audacity to Ask Michael Jordan for Pointers’: Steve Kerr Recalls His First Game Against Lakers Legend Kobe Bryant

'Audacity to Ask Michael Jordan for Pointers': Steve Kerr Recalls His First Game Against Lakers Legend Kobe Bryant

Nobody can forget the day they received the news about the death of an NBA legend. Not only was Kobe Bryant the face of the Lakers franchise, but he was also the player who became synonymous with the sport. Fans identified the league with his name, and his death affected many.

What was worse than his death? The way he died. A tragic helicopter crash, which also took away his daughter Gianna and seven others.

It’s been a year, but people can’t stop recalling Kobe’s iconic moments. One of these stories also involves the legendary Michael Jordan.

January 13, 2009: Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant #24 lays on his back after being removed from a game the previous night for back spasms during an NBA game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Dallas Mavericks at t he American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX Los Angeles defeated Dallas 100-95 (Photo by Albert Pena/Icon SMI/Icon Sport Media via Getty Images)

Kobe Bryant stood out by asking Michael Jordan questions

Like everybody else, Kerr was asked about the first time he played with Bryant. It was when Kerr was in Chicago and Kobe was with the Lakers. Steve said, “I just remember him asking Michael Jordan all these questions on the court the whole time. They were guarding each other. I could see that he was trying to get pointers. It was pretty interesting.

“He was obviously nowhere close to the player he became. But clearly, had the audacity to think that he was going to beat Michael Jordan because he was asking him for pointers. And Michael was giving it to him, he knew something himself.” 

Kerr went on to talk about the unique qualities that made Kobe into one of the greats.

“He had the confidence you need to succeed. He had a ton of athleticism and skill. But I think ultimately what made him who he was: that audacity to ask Michael Jordan for pointers in his very first game against him. Think about most 18-year-olds, they would be scared to death to go against Michael. And he was just inquisitive. It was remarkable,” explained Steve.

Well, there is no doubt that Kobe was like no other. And this story is the perfect example of that. Kobe and Jordan were identical in many ways. However, the legacy Bryant left behind will always be one of a kind.

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