Barr says FBI discovered ‘significant ties’ between Pensacola shooter and Al Qaeda

Department of Justice officials declared Monday that the FBI has got proof linking the gunman who shot and murdered three individuals and injured eight in Pensacola, Florida’s Naval Air Station annually to Al Qaeda.

CNN and The New York Times on Monday noted that researchers discovered tis between that the Pensacola shooting defendant, Mohammed Alshamrani, and Al Qaeda after dividing his iPhones’ encryption, and Attorney General William Barr and FBI Director Christopher Wray then confirmed the evolution in a news conference.

“The phones contained information previously unknown to us that definitively establishes Alshamrani’s significant ties to Al Qaeda in the Arabi an Peninsula, not only before the attack, but before he even arrived in the United States,” Barr said.

The Department of Justice at January known as the Pensacola shooting a “act of terrorism,” saying which Alshamrani, a Royal Saudi Air Force manhood, was stimulated by “jihadist ideology.” On Monday, Wray stated Alshamrani was “connecting and associating with a number of dangerous” Al Qaeda at the Arabian Peninsula operatives and spoke with AQAP from the months ahead of the assault. Wray also known as the shooting that the “brutal culmination of years of planning and preparation by a longtime AQAP associate.”

The Justice Department formerly asked Apple for help in decrypting the shooter ‘s 2 iPhones, however Wray on Monday stated that the FBI obtained “effectively no help from Apple” and which “unfortunately, the technique that we developed” to get the telephones “is not a fix for our broader Apple problem” due to its “pretty limited application.”

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