Bayley Teases Exciting Stipulation Against Sasha Banks

Bayley Teases Exciting Stipulation Against Sasha Banks

WWE is building up to a major showdown with Bayley and Sasha Banks set to go at each other’s throats soon. There has been a lot of talk over when and where the match will be. Bayley may have just given us the answer.

In a recent post on Instagram, the SmackDown Women’s Champion dropped a big hint. The picture is of her holding a steel chair, with no caption attached.

This could mean that she will face Sasha Banks at Clash of Champion in a Steel Chair Match. Bayley will defend her SmackDown Women’s Championship against Banks and will spare no brutality.

Bayley and Banks were the most clinical team a couple of months ago. Using their chemistry as best friends, they were able to make short work of every competitor. 

At one point, the “Golden Role Models” held every belt in the Women’s Division. However, the way was only down after this.

Banks first lost her Raw Women’s Championship to Asuka. She was put off by the fact that Bayley hadn’t helped her the same way as she did. With this, the tear in their friendship began.

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After a series of altercations following this, Banks did the unthinkable and contributed to the Tag Team Championship loss to Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax.

Bayley soon found out what her best friend had done and brutally assaulted Banks after the rematch. Destroying her incapacitated partner, Bayley walked away, making a statement.

The toxic friendship had broke, and now the bad blood will spew all over the ring at last. Banks looks to avenge herself for the treatment she got from her “best friend”.

Sasha Banks has always been the pivot that carries the team through everything. Covering Bayley’s mistakes, she doesn’t deserve to be treated the way she has been. 

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The two Superstars are also WWE’s best attractions. Their match last week on SmackDown pulled SmackDown to its lockdown peak.

The numbers beat all WWE shows that had taken place in the past few months including Raw. We could see ratings blow through the roof at Clash of Champions. Sasha Banks and Bayley are heading into a bitter fight, while everyone else eagerly watches with a bag of popcorn.

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