Bed Bath & Beyond decides to Close 20 more stores from other brands

Bed Bath & Beyond has planned to close 40 stores by the end of 2019. The company has planned this in the month of April. But now, the company is planning to close 20 more stores from the other brand.  According to Mary Winston, CEO of the company, the closure will benefit the stores. After the closure, the company’s focus will remain on driving traffic and operating efficiency.

From all the 60 closing stores, forty stores are from Bed Bath & Beyond locations.  However other 20 closing stores are from other brands.  After these closing stores, nearly 1000 remain in the united states.  These 1000 stores do not include the company’s hundreds of world markets, Buy Buy Baby, Cost Plus, and Harmon Stores. However, it’s still unclear which location will close.

A public relations spokesperson, Leah Cascarano said that the company decides this to maintain its physical and digital presence.  She added that the company is prioritizing the want of its customers that would include near term store improvement.

Can Customers still use the coupons?

From the Closure news, the biggest question raised by the customers is “can they still use the coupons?” Sources confirmed that ever-popular Bed Bath 20% off coupons can be used by the customers.

There have been some recent changes in the coupon exclusion list and return policies. Like the time period for the return of items changes from a year to 180 days. However, another update was made for the third party database the protection against excessive, fraudulent or otherwise not permitted returns.

A policy was posted relating to returns states that the return of items may be limited or denied. It will be totally based on the company’s authorization system. So, it’s a reminder that the company can anytime change its policy or close it said Kimberly, the personal finance expert.