Bohemian Rhapsody Producer Graham King Soon Start Work on Michael Jackson Music Biopic

Producer Graham King is planning to make a feature film based on Michael Jackson Music Biopic. It will be based on the pop star’s life and music rights.

Overall, the movie will feature the music and backstory of Michael Jackson. It will include Jackson’s life story from child stardom in the Jackson 5 to global pop dominance as an adult solo artist.

John Logan will be the screenwriter for the King’s new project. Cast actor Ephraim Sykes will play a lead role in the film. Moreover, MJ the Musical is the set for a 2020 Broadway debut. Currently, there is no studio or distributor attached to the film.

Michael Jackson featuring film script would not include anything about Jackson’s accuser

According to Deadline Hollywood, the script will not provide details about the life of Jackson as accused of child sexual abuse. This was come to know from the explosive documentary “Leaving Neverland” released this year. The documentary won an Emmy Award for outstanding documentary or nonfiction special this year.

A spokesperson for King confirmed the project with Variety that Logan’s script would not comment on anything about Jackson’s accusers. The Jackson estate sued HBO for $100 million, saying

Leaving Neverland had a financial motive to lie.  Jackson Estate also blasted the Warner Media company for not including their rebuttal to the allegations set forth.

Jackson Estate also argued that HBO violated a non-disparagement agreement. Apart from all these allegations, the four hours Leaving Neverland documentary sparked a media sensation.