Bombay High Court to Allow Actors and Crew Above 65 Years of Age to Work on a Film Set

Surpassing the earlier Maharashtra government decision, Bombay High Court passed an order allowing all persons above 65 years of age working in the entertainment industry to work on a film set. Maharashtra Government has earlier decreed that any person over 65 years should not be allowed to work in a film set during the lockdown period. The decision was then taken over health concerns with regards to COVID-19 affecting elderly citizens more. IMPPA Approaches Bombay High Court Over Government Orders of Not Letting Actors Above 65 Years of Age To Return To Work.

Since Mumbai is the base for Bollywood, many senior actors, working in movies and TV shows, had raised their protests against the decision. Their main concern was that some television shows were replacing them with younger actors or writing out their characters completely off the shows. The High Court order will be welcomed by many in the industry.

The High Court had been hearing on the case for the past couple of weeks following the petition submitted by Pramod Pandey, an actor. The petition had challenged the Maharashtra Government’s guidelines. Television Shows Barred From Letting Actors Above 65 Years of Age Return To Work, FWICE To Approach State and Central Governments Over Diktat.

The bench, headed by Justice SJ Kathawalla and Justice Riyaz Chagla, had earlier questioned the government during the hearing on the statistics that were considered in drawing the age-limit. It also asked the government if such age-limit was also considered for other aspects like public transportation.

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