Boruto chapter 75 spoilers has fans going crazy over the existence of the Otsutsuki God

Boruto chapter 74 foreshadowed the reveal of Eida’s origin when Amado referred to her ability to fly as “run-of-the-mill among the Otsutsuki lot,” and went as far as to suggest that he wouldn’t be surprised if Boruto and Kawaki might be seen flying around one of these days.

Fans immediately began speculating that Eida was somehow connected to the Otsutsuki clan, and chapter 75 spoilers confirm these theories. It was especially impressive how the narrative and the art in the chapter handled the introduction of a new potential villain.

This article looks at how fans have reacted to Boruto chapter 75 spoilers and some of the theories that manga readers have come up with.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for the Boruto manga

Boruto chapter 75 introduces yet another overpowered Otsutsuki whose connection to Eida blows fans’ minds

The new Otsutsuki God

#Borutoch75spoilers AMADO TELLS NARUTO ABOUT A NEW ŌTSUTSUKI GOD NAMED ‘SHIBAI’ or ‘SIBAI’! (Eida and Daemon were created using a part of this gods DNA)

Boruto chapter 75 spoilers revealed several important pieces of information regarding the series, beginning with Daemon and Eida’s origins. Her ability to enchant people and the omnipotence granted by her Senrigan has long since raised suspicions regarding her heritage, and chapter 75 raw scans show Amado confessing that the siblings have indeed been created using the DNA from an Otsutsuki God by the name of “Shibai.”

The raw scans also provide the first look at Shibai, an imposing figure with two horns, a Rinnegan on their forehead, and with their right eye being a Byakugan, while the rest of their facial features remain obscured.

How fans on Twitter reacted?

Most fans were overwhelmed by the sheer number of revelations chapter 75 leaked spoilers dealt with, but Boruto lovers unanimously agree that Ikemoto’s art raises the chapter to another level altogether.

Many fans were also happy to see the manga returning to more serious topics, shifting the focus away from Eida’s crush on Kawaki and the karma-bearer duo’s new living situation.

Some fans believe that the Otsutsuki God, Shibai, will become the final villain of the series, forcing Kawaki and Naruto to put aside their differences and work together. Some manga readers pointed out that Shibai resembles the god mentioned by Isshiki in the past, but appears to be an incomplete version of the Otsutsuki God shown in chapter 55.

Some fans have been more preoccupied with coloring manga panels, leading to several renditions of Ikemoto’s depiction of Shibai.

Questions and theories raised by the introduction of Shibai

Shikamaru tells Amado to tell them all about Eida and Daemon (Image via Masashi Kishimoto/Shueisha)
Shikamaru tells Amado to tell them all about Eida and Daemon (Image via Masashi Kishimoto/Shueisha)

A very valid question posed by fans is how Amado got his hands upon Shibai’s DNA. Jigen was probably the one who provided the scientist with the DNA of the Otsutsuki clan member. Since Eida seems to have a unique ocular ability characteristic of the various Otustsuki, it is possible that Shibai possesses the same ability.

The chapter also raised questions regarding what exactly an Otsutsuki God is, since all members of the clan are immortal and automatically achieve a godly title. The God Tree shown in the background of one of the leaked manga panels suggests that Shibai has grown powerful over the years by growing multiple God Trees on different planets and harvesting chakra fruits to absorb the nourishment.

This would make the Otsutsuki God older than Kaguya, Isshiki, or Momoshiki, and he might even be the one who had issued the order to grow a God Tree on Earth in the first place, in order to harvest it for himself and become a real God. But nothing can be confirmed until the official English translation of Boruto chapter 75 is released on November 20, 2022.