Bose’s Sleepbuds II address some of our concerns (just not the high price)

Bose's Sleepbuds II address some of our concerns (just not the high price)

The Sleepbuds II are just a quarter-inch deep, so they should be comfortable even when you’re sleeping on your side, and a new anti-friction coating should prevent “squeaking” against fabric, Bose says. Inside, a new etched antenna provides a more reliable Bluetooth connection, and a new battery offers up to 10 hours of run time.


If you’re still hesitant to drop $250 on earbuds that don’t let you stream music or make calls, you may be happy to know that the tech behind the Sleepbuds II is now clinically proven. In a study completed at University of Colorado, all participants reported that the same sleep technology that’s in the Sleepbuds II masked common disturbances that kept them awake or woke them up. Eighty six percent said the earbuds helped them fall asleep, and 76 percent said the tech helped them stay asleep. Eighty percent reported an overall improvement in sleep quality.

You can pre-order the Sleepbuds II beginning today, and they will be available on October 6th.

Update 1:35PM ET: This post has been updated to clarify the study used the same technology that’s in the Sleepbuds II, but not the hardware itself.

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