Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Final Season Trailer Will Make You Cry

Season seven ended with the birth of McClane “Mac” Santiago-Peralta. (Obviously, he was named after John McClane from Die Hard.) The trailer shows Jake and Amy (Melissa Fumero) having a miscommunication over picking him up from daycare, which goes along with what Goor said about the parenting journey ahead.

“[Amy and Jake] truly both love their jobs and Amy’s career is very important, and they both want to be great parents, so that’s obviously going to cause tension and conflict between them and the rest of the world,” he said. “And the other thing that feels interesting is being a parent is also, to some extent, a test you can’t study for. You can read all the parenting books you want, but sometimes you just can’t shush a kid when they’re crying, and it can be very frustrating.”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine returns Thursday, Aug. 12 on NBC. In the meantime, be sure to go back and read our interview with Goor to find out how Fumero inspired Amy’s pregnancy.