Capital One data breach hits more than 100 million people applying for credit

Capital One is a USA bank which reports that nearly 100 million of its customer’s data got stolen. The bank which is operating for the past 25 years is considered to be the 10th largest bank of the United States.

Founders Richard Fairbank and Nigel Morris established the bank in Richmond, Virginia, US. Capital One reported the news to the public and also ensured that they are taking steps to protect their privacy. Clients credit card transaction data, credit score, and many other crucial data were illegally ruptured.

Cap ital One data breach hits more than 100 million people applying for credit
Image: Fox Business

Remarks by the Chairman and CEO of Capital One

As soon as the news got reported, the police department arrested a 33-year-old woman from Seattle. Paige A. Thompson, a software engineer by profession in the past, is behind this cybercrime.

The Chairman and CEO of Capital One went onto remark publicly that it is a shame that his organization could not protect the security of its customers.

He also apologized for the entire situation and ensured that things are going to fall into place. He will do whatever it takes.

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On July 19th, the officials of Capital One came to know that a person by the name of Thompson got an unauthorized authorization of the customer’s data. The unethical hacker took control of the credit card score of the customers.

Six million customers in Canada and over 100 million in the United States of America got affected by the breaching of data. Balance of a particular customer, histories of payment, credit score, limitations in credit, and many other data got stolen.

The officials of Capital One advised that the customers must keep a track record of their credit card scores and limits for the time being.

If any illegal activity noticed, then they must inform the bank immediately. It is a serious matter, and the criminal must receive punishment.