Car crashes into Apple store in Massachusetts

A car crashed into an Apple Store in Massachusetts on Monday morning, at one point trapping multiple people inside.

The SUV drove through the storefront in Hingham shortly after 11 a.m., leaving a gaping hole in the front of the location, NBC 10 reported.

People could be seen being taken out of the building on stretchers, and aerial footage showed a large emergency response.

As of noon, the SUV was still inside the building, according to NBC 10.

Everyone who was trapped has since been removed from the building, officials said. 

Jason Scott, who works nearby and witnessed the crash, told CBS Boston the parking lot was very busy, meaning there were likely many people inside the store at the time of the incident.

Multiple people could be seen being wheeled out of the store on stretchers.
Apple store crash
Aerial footage showed a large hole in the front of the Apple store following the crash.
NBC Boston 10

“There’s probably close to 10 ambulances in the parking lot right now, along with a lot of fire engines, and police vehicles,” he said. “The parking lot was very, very busy so I’m assuming there was a lot of people in the store.” 

Scott noted that from his vantage point, he could not see the car.

A tow truck was spotted outside the storefront, likely waiting to take away the car that caused the chaotic crash.

“It must have traveled all the way to the back of the store,” he said.

Apple store crash
Dozens of emergency response officials could be seen at the scene of the crash.
Facebook/Pat Donovan Wheway
apple store
It’s unclear what caused the SUV to drive through the storefront.
NBC Boston 10

One witness told WCVB that the driver of the SUV appeared to be injured but alert after the crash.

“It was like a big explosion,” another witness told the station. “It was so loud.”

The crash happened at the store located within the Derby Street Shops off Route 3 less than an hour after the store opened for the day at 10 a.m. It’s unclear what led to the crash.

This is a developing story.