CEO of Whole Foods believes plant-based meat don’t actually benefit our health

Companies such as Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, which are offering plant-based meat substitutes, are crowding the US grocery stores. Beyond Meat, specifically, has become a popular choice among customers currently.

The company’s plant-based began burger that bleeds is available at many famous food chains now like Carl’s Jr, A&W and TGI Fridays. In September, Subway will be rolling out a Beyond Meatball Marinara sub across several locations in Canada and the US.

On the other hand, even KFC is trying out plant-based chicken, which evidently sold out in less than 5 hours during its trial run. Grocery stores such as Kroger, Whole Foods and Target have also begun offering an array of plant-based meat substitutes in order to fulfill the increasing demand.

Between the delightful taste and the environmental advantages of these plant-based meat products, there are quite a few reasons to opt for a switch. However, the question that still remains is- Are such foods really good for your health? John Mackey, CEO, Whole Foods

, shall argue that they are not.

During an interview last week with CNBC, Mackey said that he is not a fan of plant-based meat. He continued saying that he would not endorse foods such as Beyond Meat as they don’t actually benefit our health.

Such products contain ingredients which are ultra highly processed, which according to him is unhealthy, he added. This is why, he does not think that eating such super highly processed foods is a healthy option, Mackey further said.

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Turns out, there is a valid point in Mackey’s reasoning. Several people have previously mentioned that plant-based meat substitutes, which are processed and contain a fair amount of saturated fat and sodium, are unhealthy.

Additionally, Beyond Burger and Impossible Burger have a similar calorie count as ground beef. But still, a few nutritionists have claimed that the burgers are not bad, despite of being processed.