Chattanooga boy and his father fighting for their lives after tornado rips through home

A Chattanooga family is asking for prayers tonight after a young boy and his father were critically injured in the Easter weekend tornado.

The family tells us the tornado ripped through their East Brainerd home, causing debris to fly through their bedrooms and knocking out 4-year-old Grayson and his father Mikey. Both are now fighting for their lives in the hospital.

It had been pouring down rain all day. Joe Meadows says tornado sirens didn’t go off until after it hit.

“Before I knew it, my brother Mikey told me to get downstairs and before I could even leave my room something came through the window, knocked me on the ground and I crawled out of the room.”

He went to find shelter and his family members.

“My brother and my nephew were knocked out unconscious bleeding from their heads in their room,” said Joe.

The bedroom that used to share a wall with Joe’s room is where they found Grayson and Mikey.

Joe picked up Grayson and took him downstairs.

“He wasn’t responsive. It was kinda like he had trouble breathing at times and there was just blood everywhere and debris from shingles and the roof in his hair,” said Joe.

Neighbors and an officer came to help carry Grayson nearly a mile down the road to safety.

“We alternated carrying him down the road and got him to the car and he rushed us to the hospital,” said Joe.

Family members are calling this a night of miracles. Both suffered major head injuries – they say Grayson is lucky to be alive.

“He’s got a little bit of movement right now,” Joe says.

And so is Mikey.

“They had to remove a large portion of the left side of his brain as well and then the titanium mesh to kind of keep it in place as well,” said Joe.

Because of COVID19 guidelines, these family and friends can only pray from afar.

“Like it’s even worse because then now the people that are hurt in the hospital like Mikey and Grayson don’t have their loved ones and friend there fighting with them there,” said family friend Cara Stanco, “They’re alone.”

But still, Cara Stanco says they will pray and fight for Grayson and Mikey.