Chris Simms sees sky-high potential for Giants’ Daniel Jones

Former NFL quarterback Chris Simms is apparently a big fan of Giants quarterback Daniel Jones.

The bottom 10 pass-throwers on Simms’ annual Top-40 quarterback rankings does not include Jones — meaning the Giants’ second-year starter has a spot ahead of guys like Case Keenum, Jamies Winston and Nick Foles.

Simms, who played QB for the Buccaneers, Broncos and Titans before becoming an NBC Sports analyst and radio host, thinks there’s a tremendous upside to Jones. He was impressed with Jones’ first year in the league, noting that there’s potential for Jones to turn into an elite-level quarterback.

“I was blown away by Daniel Jones,” Simms told “It was good to see [coach] Joe Judge start talking about him (earlier this offseason) and saying ‘everybody’s gotta compete for a job’. But, no, no: Daniel Jones doesn’t have to compete against anyone on that team or on that roster. Anyone who is on that roster, I can just tell you: He’s better than them. Daniel Jones, he was the MVP of the Giants last year, to me. It’s not even close.”

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Simms was even more impressed with Jones, who finished the 2019 season 3-10 in games he appeared in, because of the Giants team he had around him.

“It’s a bunch of receivers that were really good, not great,” Simms said. “I would say Darius Slayton is probably the most dangerous one of the group. Saquon Barkley wasn’t 100%. The offensive line was solid, not great. We know the defense was nothing special either. I mean, Daniel Jones was asked a lot on a weekly basis.

“For a rookie quarterback with not a lot of talent around him, they were basically asking him: ‘Hey, Daniel, we need you to throw the ball 40 times, you’re probably going to have to throw four touchdowns and no more than one interception if we want to win a football game.’ That’s basically what it came down to.”