Chrome OS 88 turns your Chromebook into an impromptu smart display

Chrome OS 88 turns your Chromebook into an impromptu smart display

The lock screen also displays the time and local weather and provides you with easy to access media controls so you can pause or play a song. You’ll find your WiFi and battery status on the bottom right corner and the option to sign out from your account if you want. You enable the feature by digging into the settings menu of Chrome OS and finding your way to the Personalization section. Once enabled, it will turn on when the operating system detects that your device has been idle for some time. 


The update also introduces a feature that allows you to use your pin or fingerprint, instead of a password, to log into websites that support the WebAuthn standard. What’s nifty here is that you can use your pin or fingerprint as a form of two-factor authentication on websites where you’ve enabled the extra security measure. Some platforms that support the WebAuthn standard include Dropbox and GitHub. You can expect Chrome OS 88 to roll out to your device over the next few days.

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