Courtney Love claims how Price Andrew turned up at her place at 1 am ‘looking for sex’

courtney love
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Courtney love recently claimed that Prince Andrew had turned up at her house at 1 am “looking for sex”. As per the sources, the two had been introduced by Jeffrey Epstein the disgraced billionaire. Recently Courtney had been named in Epstein’s infamous black book.

Courtney told one of her friends that she was on her bed when the doorbell had rung at 1 am. As soon as she heard the sound of the bell, she put on her fluffy slippers and a gown. On opening the door she saw Prince Andrew standing at the gate with a protection officer. She was quite shocked to see him at that time of the hour.

Prince Andrew had told Courtney that he had got her address from one of their mutual friends. He also told her how he was looking forward to a fun night in Hollywood. How Courtney could help him have some fun. Courtney claimed that the prince was looking forward to having sex with her as he was very flirtatious.

Courtney spoke about how she offered to make him some tea. She was excited to serve him in a vintage China cup. She also told that when the two had sat on the sofa by the fire, it was then that price Andrew started flirting. The prince had asked her about her day’s schedule. She took offense of the question and replied by asking him ‘And what do you do all day, Prince’?

The prince had stayed for merely 45 minutes at Courtney’s house. Courtney claims this incident to be one of the weirdest incidents in her life.

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