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Crane atop NYC high-rise spins wildly in wind, drops debris

Crane atop NYC high-rise spins wildly in wind, drops debris

A crane on top of a high-rise apartment building in Manhattan jogged loose amid heavy winds Thursday evening, damaging the building and sending debris falling to the street below.

The crane, atop a Midtown building under construction on West 57th Street near Sixth Avenue, spun wildly in the wind and rain, video taken at the scene shows.

Fire officials said the FDNY was responding to building debris at 111 West 57th St. It was not clear if there were any injuries in the incident.

The NYPD also warned pedestrians to avoid the area because of falling debris.

“Please avoid the area of West 57th Street, between 6th and 7th Avenues due to an unstable crane and falling debris. Expect emergency vehicles and traffic in the area,” the department said in a tweet


Television personality Keith Olbermann was near the scene of the accident and recorded video of the crane swaying in the wind.

Olberman said in a tweet that debris had fallen from the crane.

“NYC ‘weathervaning’ construction crane atop 85-story building at 111 W 57th St near 6th. Two 8-foot long pieces have already fallen to the street,” Olbermann wrote.

The Department of Buildings said they have officials on scene investigating the cause of the accident.

The DOB also warned property owners to secure construction equipment as the city is experiencing high winds and rain from Hurricane Zeta, which is lashing the Gulf Coast.

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