Crocs Is Giving Away Free Shoes to Health Care Workers Fighting COVID-19

With the long hours on their feet caring for coronavirus patients in hospitals, nurses, techs, and other medical professionals can use all the help they can get. The good folks at Crocs are providing their washable shoes to them for free, as a gesture of appreciation.

All you have to do is go online

 to request a free pair of Crocs. They will give away 10,000 pairs daily, so be sure to follow instructions if they have reached their limit for the day. Colors and styles may be limited while this offer is going on. There is no charge for shipping, and the giveaway will continue as long as supplies last.

If you’ve never tried them, Crocs are much more than colorful footwear. They were designed with comfort in mind and provide a unique combination of flexibility and support. They are famous for their durable, waterproof materials and their unique designs. Check out their online store here.

The offer just started on March 25, but thousands of people have already signed up for a free pair. Crocs has even sent donations directly to hospitals!